A Force from the Past

Leaving on a j...unky freighter

Inside the Wet Bantha, a shop/tavern located on the outskirts of Mos Eisley, we are introduced to the eccentric owner, Dreezix Skubbix and his seemingly neverending stock of supplies. Wandering through the aisles of the shop is an unusual pair that appear to be repelling the rest of the customers away from them. An enormous hideous looking Gamorrean and a rat/lizard like creature dressed in everyday street clothes. Even more disturbing than the sight of the duo is the overwhelming stench of them. As Dreezix approached them the stench was unmistakably familiar, the wretched stench of a Jawa, only this one was not dressed in the usual garb of a Jawa. Curious at the idea of the two creatures traveling together, the Koorivar walked over and asked what brought them to his fine establishment. Seeing his approach, the Jawa hid behind the Gamorrean and quickly whispered something to him while nodding in the direction of the approaching Koorivar. Unusually excited, the Gamorrean quickly responded that they were looking for supplies for their upcoming trip. Dreezix, now even further intrigued by the pair, asked where they planned on traveling to. The Gamorrean, Ghoda Fadden,
looked down at the Jawa, Akro Ho’Ni, listened to some additional whisperings then told Dreezix they were heading to Coruscant and Akro’s uncle was on his way to the Spaceport to make arrangements for travel. Dreezix quickly informed that them Coruscant was not necessarily a good place for some folks and ask them why they were heading there. More whispers from Jawa to Gamorrean and the Gamorrean explained that they were just there to get the supplies they needed and set off on their trip. Dreezix explained that he could best help in assuring they had the gear needed for their trip if he knew where they were heading. Whispers again and the two appeared to harden at the continued questioning by the Koorivar. Growing tired of the line of questioning Ghoda straightened up and gruffly explained he was to escort Akro to Coruscant to learn about the Jedi and their teachings. Sensing the growing tensions from the duo and hearing about their intentions to get involved with the Jedi Dreezix very quickly let the duo know that they were folks that he would not recommend going to Coruscant. He explained that the Empire had gone to great lengths to completely eradicate all signs of the Jedi from the known universe and it would be in their best interests to head somewhere else. Hearing the rising voices between the shopkeeper and the unusual duo, the security guards slowly started making their way towards the group. Seeing the guards pressing forward, Ghoda set himself in a defensive posture making it clear to the guards that he was not going to let them near Akro. Not wanting any destruction or disturbances in his shop, Dreezix handed the duo a couple of stim packs and told them if they intended to go to Coruscant that was their choice, but he had contacts all over the galaxy and could point them in a safer direction. They hastily thanked Dreezix and turned to leave the shop. As they hurried out of the shop Akro noticed Dreezix quietly whispering into a commlink as he slipped into the back room of the shop.

Still shaking their heads, trying to make sense of their odd exchange with Dreezix, Akro and Ghoda enter the Spaceport. Once inside they notice an increase in security forces and an abnormal buzz and feel in the air. Being accustomed to constant watching and scrutiny Akro and Ghoda made their way through the Spaceport watching the security forces and noticing a red Zabrak in a heavy smugglers trenchcoat waving in their direction frantically. They noticed him and immediately went over, assuming he was the contact established by Akro’s uncle. The waving of the Zabrak caught the attention of a few security guards and they started also moving towards the freighter he was standing at. Akro and Ghoda reached the freighter quickly with questions to the Zabrak regarding the location of Uncle Inky. The Zabrak, Xatane, explained that arrangements had been made with Inky and they needed to get moving. Akro and Ghoda hesitated to board the freighter without first seeing Inky. Xatane gruffly explained they need to leave now or the plans arranged between him and Inky were wasted and he was going to leave them with the incoming guards. Akro again insisted to know where Inky was and Xatane told him Inky was gathering last minute supplies and would join them quickly and restated the need for them to get on the freighter.

Strangers can make the best friends

Not long ago in a beat up and run down shop on a planet pretty far away…
an Arkanian Offshoot, a Mirialan, and a Falleen find themselves in The Rusty Droid. Wandering through the run down shop they are individually approached by the shop owner, Skeezix Drubbix and asked if there is something he can assist with. The Falleen Mystic mentions that she is a traveling entertainer and she is curious about the buzz around the city and the crowd outside the gates of the palace. Skeezix explains that there is always a crowd around the palace as everyone is anticipating the arrival of the Count from Serenno. At the mention of the Count and the large crowd outside the Palace the Arkanian tuned in to the conversation a little more attentively. Seeing this, Skeezix left the company of the beautiful Falleen and walked over to the Arkanian and asked if she was looking for anything specific. The Arkanian asked additional questions regarding the crowd and the Count and mentioned she was looking for any items of value within the shop. Skeezix laughed and explained that there was likely very little in the shop that she would find of any value. His shop was just a collection of junk that nobody seemed to want, right now at least. With that he moved on to other patrons in the shop eventually coming to a young Mirialan, who was very nonchalantly wandering the shop with his DR-45 Dragoon Carbine in hand and loaded. Apprehensively Skeezix asked if there was anything he could assist with, to which the Mirialan simply replied “I’m looking for a pot.” Skeezix laughed at the youngster and explained that things like that are not normally found in the Rusty Droid. The Mirialan insistently repeated that he was looking for a pot and even went so far as to pat the buttstock of his Carbine in an effort to persuade the Koorivar to find him a pot. This instantly put the 4 guards in the shop on alert and heading towards the Mirialan. Seeing what could only end up being total disaster the Falleen turned on the charm and “accidentally” knocked over a display causing one of the guards to peel off and assist the “damsel in distress”, the Arkanian, taking the cue from the Falleen redirected another guard towards her leaving the Mirialan to deal with Skeezix and the two remaining guards. The Mirialan put his hands up to show that he had no ill intentions and repeated that he was looking for a pot. After having displays knocked over and his guards getting riled up Skeezix had seen enough and he threw all three troublemakers out of his shop.

Now standing out in the streets just outside of the Trade District. The formerly unrelated trip began apprehensive introductions. It was during these introductions that another group took notice of them, a local thug and his group of cronies recognized the Arkanian as someone with a fairly large bounty on their heads. Without alerting the three “shoppers”, the thug and his cronies surrounded then and prepaid to attack. It was only at the last possible moment that the Arkanian realized what was coming and was able to warn the others. The Arkanian took out the first minion with the skill of a trained assassin. Dropping him with little effort, the Falleen however did not meet the same bout of luck, one shot from a second minion almost brought her down. This Falleen is definitely a lover not a fighter. The Mirialan would take his turn next and take aim on the thug that just attacked the Falleen, she saved him in the store, just a matter of returning the favor, and boy did he. The Mirialan has trained his entire life to hit his target this thug at short range stood no chance, one quick pull off the trigger and mush was flying everywhere while the headless body crumpled to the ground. The Falleen’s turn and she decided it might be best to just duck down and stay out of the way for now. Seeing two of his minions fall to the trio, the leader of the group now moved in to attack the Arkanian. A big swing of his vibro-ax put the hurt to the Arkanian but she had seen far worse and was able to take the pain and move on. The Arkanian was quick to return the favor managed to put a few stiletto sized holes in the thick skin of the thug leader. With him now bleeding out, the Mirialan felt it was only necessary to finish the leader off and added a few holes of his own to leave him lying in a puddle on the ground. From her hiding place the Fallleen took a quick shot on one of the remaining thugs and weakened him enough for the Arkanian to finish him up rather effortlessly. The trio managed to capture the last thug before he managed to get away and started to interrogate him. The Falleen, using her charms managed to get the thug to start talking and he explained that their leader recognized the Arkonian and they were trying to cash in on a big bounty. Hearing this, the Arkanian pressed her stiletto to the back of the thugs neck and said he better start talking faster or things were going to get messy. After seeing how quickly the trio had dispatched his gang, the thug frantically tried to explain that as far as he was concerned he had never seen the Arkanian and swore he would never say anything if they let him live. The Arkanian swore and said she didn’t believe him and suddenly everything around her vanished and all she could see was what appeared to be the last remaining thug running away and maddeningly repeating “I swear I will never tell anyone, just let me live.” He stopped once he was hidden, cowering in a corner of a dark and disheveled room. Then as fast as the vision came on it disappeared, startling the Arkanian and ultimately causing her to thrust the stiletto into the thugs neck. The other two stood there in disbelief, she had just dispatched an unarmed and cooperative hostage. The Falleen standing there still processing what had just happened looked at the Arkanian and said, “If you are going to be traveling with me, then I would suggest things be handled more cleanly and much lower profile.” The trio grabbed what useful gear and credits they could find on the fallen thugs and thought it a wise idea to head towards the crowd at the Palace Plaza.

Making their way through the crowd the trio quickly realized Skeezix wasn’t kidding about the large crowd. Guards were placed on the steps leading into the courtyard of the Palace Plaza keeping the insanity of the crowd away. The Arkanian succeeded in stealthily creeping past the guards while the Falleen used her feminine charms to convince the guards that she and her companions had business with the King on behalf of the Count of Serenno. Hearing the name Serenno the guards immediately ushered them inside. Once inside, they were met by a large Yaka who introduced himself as Reelo Wes, the King’s royal adviser. They followed with introductions of their own and explained that, they were there on behalf of the Count of Serenno and they apologized that it had taken so long for someone to show up. At the mention of the Count, Reelo directed the trio to follow him and he brought them to the King’s Throne Room. The Throne Room was almost completely barren, with the exception of the King’s throne there was nothing but stone walls and floor. In each corner of the room stood one of the King’s Royal Guards. Reelo introduced the trio to the King and he immediately went into a tirade. "It’s about time someone from that buffoon’s organization showed up, I have no time for him or his “precious treasures. He is, after all the reason why that blasted Sanjay Rash was able to throw me out of my own palace.” The Falleen being the most eloquently spoke of the group quickly explained that they knew nothing of the Counts involvement in that and they were only asked to retrieve the gift that was left for him. The King quickly replied that he would be happy to be rid of anything associated with that crazy Count. Knowing the people the Count associated with made the King not want any part of anything set as a gift for the Count. “Men in powerful positions often seek relics of power and I believe this to be one such thing, I will be happy to have it removed from my Palace.” With that, the King, escorted by Reelo and the four guards, showed the trio to a secret chamber deep within the halls of the palace. There was nothing but darkness in the chamber until everyone was inside once the last guard entered the room, bright lights flashed on and sitting in the center of the room on a solid black pedestal sat a glowing, red, triangular bauble. The King mentioned that he knew this was an item of great power for those that knew how to use it, and the Count was one of those people. He offered it to the trio with the understanding that it never comes back and it is never found out where it came from. Already having suspicions of the motives of the Arkanian and the Mirialan, the Falleen reached out immediately and accepted the item from the King agreeing to all terms. The King then told the group to take the item and head to the Spaceport, his courier would meet them there with additional instructions.

The trio made their way back through the palace and the crowd and headed right over to the Spaceport where they were met by the Customs Inspector who explained the King had order the Spaceport shut down to ensure they left without incident. Before they were able to question anything they heard the heavy stomping sound of footprints coming down the hallway, after a moment, they were greeted by the Spaceport Administrator who very quickly set to explaining the arrangements set forth by the King. “Behind me in that bay is a SoroSuub Luxury 3000 Space Yacht courtesy of the King, that is the good news, I also have other news. To ensure you do as the King has requested, in addition to providing you with a ship, he has also assigned two of his personal guards to be stationed on the ship. They will report back to him if anything goes awry. Now if there are no questions the King has expressed his eagerness for you and your cargo to be leaving.” With that the trio boarded the Yacht with their cargo, quickly followed by the guards, and set off into space looking for the next best place to find answers about their new precious treasure.


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