Falleen Mystic


Cold and calculating Sheezara is a fitting image of a Falleen She believes the war with the empire is about attrition and point blank the Empire is winning. She knows that Stormtroopers become faceless weapons of Vader when they put their helmets on and believes they should be deposed of as just weapons. She has often been viewed as callous in regards to the elimination of Empire personnel and this coldness has lead to many attempts to join the rebellion to end in failure. Despite her normally cold and calculation demeanor she bears a deep hatred for Vader and the Empire. Her thirst for vengeance has often lead to trouble for those she is around.



Sheezara is a successful performer who on the surface leads a hedonistic life of luxury and comfort. For those who bother to look past the surface she is still very much the Sheezara who left home on Falleen to perform for the first time on Alderaan. Her biography on the Holonet lists her home as Fallen Throne the capital of her homeworld. In actuality she grew up in a small sub community not far from the Capital building. She was a promising young performer with lines of Suitors from many of the noble houses, most notably the young lord of house Sizhran whom she was quite taken by. She loved her parents and siblings and expected her talents to lead to a better life for them all. Her first performance netted her a sizable sum of credits and she was eager to return home.

Unfortunately in her absence the Empire had come. Darth Vader established a bacteriological research outpost on the planet. When a highly-destructive flesh-eating bacterium got loose, Vader ordered his ships in orbit to raze the laboratory and the city surrounding it in order to save the rest of the planet. Vader wiped out the bacterium, along with an entire city and over two hundred thousand Falleen, including the royal House Sizhran.

On finding the destruction the Empire had wrought on her life she vowed to get her revenge. She quickly joined a rebel cell and before long her chance to get even with Vader had arrived. The members of her cell waged a full on assault on the dark lord during what they perceived to be a lack of security on a visit to Lothal. More than 50 elite commandos confronted Lord Vader and were quickly made one with the force. The raw power of the Sith Lord staggered Sheezara. She quickly realized that the Sith Lord would never meet his end at the end of a blaster. Defeated and broken she roamed the galaxy performing and indulging in a variety of activities to bury her grief.



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