Akro Ho'Ni

Jawa Shien Expert


In the deep dune seas of Tatooine, Akro Ho-Ni’ was born to a traditional Jawa clan. While not an everyday occurrence, his clan was guided as many clans were by a Force aware shaman. She discovered something during Akro’s youth that was extraordinarily uncommon; he was a Force sensitive male. Something of this nature had not occurred in generations. In a meeting of shamans from across the region, it was decided that the youth should be sent to Coresant to be trained by the Jedi. With the fanfare of a dozen clans, Akro, his uncle, and an orphaned Gamorrean to serve as their bodyguard were all sent off with all the pageantry and ceremony a generation could muster.

As dramatic as the group’s departure was from Tatooine, the exact opposite could be said for their anti-climactic arrival on Coruscant. In the deep dune seas of Tatooine, news of the demise of Jedi order had not been received. Befuddled as to what do, his uncle chose not to return the trio home. Instead, his uncle chose to keep the group in the Core, determined to find some remnant of the Jedi to train young Akro.

It should be noted that while Jawas are completely adept at identifying one another simply through their sense of smell, their uniform appearance generally leaves non-jawas unable to distinguish between them. This fact meant Akro was routinely misidentified; a fact which wore on the young Jawa. While dedicated to the Jawa tradition of not exposing their facial wrappings to others, he abandoned the brown robes of Tatooine for more contemporary clothing of the Core worlds.

Akro knows he was born to be a Jedi. The hopes of his people are riding on him. While his uncle is willing to pursue any lead, how to achieve his destiny is far from clear to him.

Akro Ho'Ni

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