A Force from the Past

Leaving on a j...unky freighter

Inside the Wet Bantha, a shop/tavern located on the outskirts of Mos Eisley, we are introduced to the eccentric owner, Dreezix Skubbix and his seemingly neverending stock of supplies. Wandering through the aisles of the shop is an unusual pair that appear to be repelling the rest of the customers away from them. An enormous hideous looking Gamorrean and a rat/lizard like creature dressed in everyday street clothes. Even more disturbing than the sight of the duo is the overwhelming stench of them. As Dreezix approached them the stench was unmistakably familiar, the wretched stench of a Jawa, only this one was not dressed in the usual garb of a Jawa. Curious at the idea of the two creatures traveling together, the Koorivar walked over and asked what brought them to his fine establishment. Seeing his approach, the Jawa hid behind the Gamorrean and quickly whispered something to him while nodding in the direction of the approaching Koorivar. Unusually excited, the Gamorrean quickly responded that they were looking for supplies for their upcoming trip. Dreezix, now even further intrigued by the pair, asked where they planned on traveling to. The Gamorrean, Ghoda Fadden,
looked down at the Jawa, Akro Ho’Ni, listened to some additional whisperings then told Dreezix they were heading to Coruscant and Akro’s uncle was on his way to the Spaceport to make arrangements for travel. Dreezix quickly informed that them Coruscant was not necessarily a good place for some folks and ask them why they were heading there. More whispers from Jawa to Gamorrean and the Gamorrean explained that they were just there to get the supplies they needed and set off on their trip. Dreezix explained that he could best help in assuring they had the gear needed for their trip if he knew where they were heading. Whispers again and the two appeared to harden at the continued questioning by the Koorivar. Growing tired of the line of questioning Ghoda straightened up and gruffly explained he was to escort Akro to Coruscant to learn about the Jedi and their teachings. Sensing the growing tensions from the duo and hearing about their intentions to get involved with the Jedi Dreezix very quickly let the duo know that they were folks that he would not recommend going to Coruscant. He explained that the Empire had gone to great lengths to completely eradicate all signs of the Jedi from the known universe and it would be in their best interests to head somewhere else. Hearing the rising voices between the shopkeeper and the unusual duo, the security guards slowly started making their way towards the group. Seeing the guards pressing forward, Ghoda set himself in a defensive posture making it clear to the guards that he was not going to let them near Akro. Not wanting any destruction or disturbances in his shop, Dreezix handed the duo a couple of stim packs and told them if they intended to go to Coruscant that was their choice, but he had contacts all over the galaxy and could point them in a safer direction. They hastily thanked Dreezix and turned to leave the shop. As they hurried out of the shop Akro noticed Dreezix quietly whispering into a commlink as he slipped into the back room of the shop.

Still shaking their heads, trying to make sense of their odd exchange with Dreezix, Akro and Ghoda enter the Spaceport. Once inside they notice an increase in security forces and an abnormal buzz and feel in the air. Being accustomed to constant watching and scrutiny Akro and Ghoda made their way through the Spaceport watching the security forces and noticing a red Zabrak in a heavy smugglers trenchcoat waving in their direction frantically. They noticed him and immediately went over, assuming he was the contact established by Akro’s uncle. The waving of the Zabrak caught the attention of a few security guards and they started also moving towards the freighter he was standing at. Akro and Ghoda reached the freighter quickly with questions to the Zabrak regarding the location of Uncle Inky. The Zabrak, Xatane, explained that arrangements had been made with Inky and they needed to get moving. Akro and Ghoda hesitated to board the freighter without first seeing Inky. Xatane gruffly explained they need to leave now or the plans arranged between him and Inky were wasted and he was going to leave them with the incoming guards. Akro again insisted to know where Inky was and Xatane told him Inky was gathering last minute supplies and would join them quickly and restated the need for them to get on the freighter.



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